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Mount Kenya situated in Kenya, Africa, is the second highest mountain in Africa and revered by the members of the Kikuyu tribe who believe that God, whom they refer to as Ngai or Mwene Nyaga lives on the mountain. 

It has a parellel in the Hindu belief that Lord Shiva lives on Kailash. So revered is Mount Kenya that the Kikuyu ensure that thei house face the great mountain. 

May Lord Shiva/ Mwene Nyaga bless us all! 


1.To know more about Guru Maa’s teachings you may follow her on her account on Twitter and Facebook or log on to http://www.radhemaa.com.

2.These social pages are handled by her devoted sevadars.

3.To experience her divine grace, Bhakti Sandhyas and Shri Radhe Guru Maa Ji’s darshans are conducted every 15 days in Mumbai.

4.The darshans are free and open to everyone.

5.One may also volunteer to Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa’s ongoing social initiatives that include book donation drives, blood donation drives, heart checkup campaigns and financial support for various surgical procedures.

6.To participate in these charitable activities contact Shri Radhe Maa’s sevadar – admin@radhemaa.com

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‪‎Siddhidatri‬, the ninth form of Goddess Durga, is believed to be the supreme fulfiller of all desires of her devotees including the greatest desire of all – the desire for liberation from all that binds, holds back and causes sorrow. Siddhidatri is that benign form of ‪Goddess Durga‬ who blesses devotees at the culmination of their prayers to her.

May Mata Siddhidatri give us the strength to accomplish all goals that are in accordance of dharma. Jai Mata Siddhidatri!

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पुलिस ने एफिडेविट में लिखा है की सुखविंदर कौर उर्फ राधे मां के खिलाफ काला जादू करने के कोई सबूत नही मिले है, इसलिए काला जादू का मामला नही बन सकता है फिहलाल, साथ ही साथ जिस ट्रस्ट के पैसों को लेकर जांच है, उसके लिए मुंबई पुलिस ने इनकम टैक्स विभाग को चिट्टी लिखी है…।

पुलिस की इस एफिडेविट का जबाव अब शिकायकर्ता वकील फालगुनी दो हफ्तों में बॉम्बे हाई को देगी

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Sachhai Chupp Nahi Sakti

 Read More: http://zeenews.india.com/news/maharashtra/no-evidence-of-black-magic-by-godwoman-radhe-maa_1806269.html

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Mumbai HC finds no evidence in support of black magic charges against 
Radhe Guru Maa 

Read More: http://zeenews.india.com/news/maharashtra/no-evidence-of-black-magic-by-godwoman-radhe-maa_1806269.html

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Honourable Bombay High Court shoots down Black Magic allegation against Radhe Guru Maa

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Allegations are baseless – The truth will be in front of everyone very soon


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